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Baby & Tots

Ages 9 months- 3 years

As dance teachers and also parents we know how there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than seeing your child smiling, having fun, and dancing along to music. We also know that dancing is a great way for your child to gain more independence, grow their confidence, and develop coordination skills.


Ages 3 - 5 years

An introduction to a variety of dance styles in a fun, friendly and stimulating environment.

Your child will have the opportunity to improve their confidence, coordination, and creativity with other young dancers.

In this class we explore a variety of dance styles including ballet, tap, modern and acrobatics.


Ages 6 - 8 years

Inspire your child's passion for dance. our second age group includes contemporary, modern , tap, and acrobatic dance styles as well as fitness and flexibility training.


Using a variety of teaching styles our three instructors, are able to tailor this class to suit individual needs and abilities.


Ages 9 years +

Our most challenging class. offering fitness, flexibility, contemporary, ballet, tap, modern and acrobatic styles.

This age also have the option for semi-private classes working on group, solo and duet work.

We'll provide you with the skills that you need to  develop and perform as a dancer.



Ages 18+

Our adult dance class is open to all ages and abilities. full of fun and energy, it's great for fitness too.


This age group includes tap, contemporary and modern dance styles.

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